Heating and cooling energy saving tips

Heating and cooling energy saving tips

In this post, we want to give you a few tips so you save as much as possible in house heating. And it is the consumption of heating of a House, depending on its location, design features and facilities, can be up to 46 percent of the total energy expenditure. So a proper regulation of the teams, the correction of our daily habits and, of course, the improvement of building elements and facilities, can result in significant energy and money savings.

Some of the advice that we give you are that you optimize the ambient temperature, a temperature range of 19 to 21 ° C is sufficient to achieve a State of comfort. If you have regulatory systems can get significant savings by reducing the temperature of the rooms not used during the day, as the bedrooms, to a value of around 17 ° C. Please note that increase the room temperature in 1 ° C implies an increase of consumption, approximately 7 per cent. We must also adapt the time programming to your usage profile, if programmable thermostats are available, you can enjoy savings by reducing ambient temperature up to 15 ° C during the day in which the House is disused.

Another tip to follow is not to air the House too much, opening the windows of a stay for 5 or 10 minutes are usually sufficient to renew all of the indoor air without hardly cool walls and furniture. It is also important to reduce unwanted air infiltration and checking the tightness of woodwork, grilles, ducts, boxes of blind and other parts which may allow unwanted air. Another thing to keep in mind is to foster the dissemination of emitters heat, uncovered radiators, place a short distance from the same elements.

Tips for Landscape Design for Beginners

Tips for Landscape Design for Beginners

You can hire a landscape architect or you encourage yourself to design the garden. If you choose this last way wait you an exploratory adventure without precedents on which to consider some issues.

The first thing before you begin to design your garden is to search a plane of the plot. If possible, get some photocopies to be able to work on them. If you do not have flat, you can measure the dimensions of the garden and then do a sketch with a pencil.

On the other hand, write down in a notebook everything you would like to have your garden, including everything you’ve seen in gardens of friends, public spaces, etc. An interesting practice is standing in the middle of the garden and look around for imagine shapes and sizes, corners for furniture, sectors to add roads or light, colors and plants. In this process you must take into account the views and so, before deciding where it will be every thing must be taken into account in that place are the windows so from inside will look the best of the garden. Keep in mind your neighbors, if there are buildings on the sides, and rotates the Sun, that schedule is dominated by the shadow.

Home Exteriors – House Exterior Design Ideas

Home Exteriors - House Exterior Design Ideas

It reflects your regional colors. If you live in a rural area with cool climate, where the lighting is quite low, it harmonizes your environment with a few splashes of color, as cheerful pastel on earthy, muted colours and shades of green. If you live in a warm climate, intense light lends itself to more intense and bright colors. The tone turquoise and green are ideal for rooms in the open air near the ocean or next to the pools. For an urban terrace, try a striking combination of red and black.

Or counteracts your climate. If you live in colder climates, it places some exotic and tropical elements in your backyard palms and bamboos in sunny corner. Palm trees look particularly good in Brown Chinese pots and in the winter can be inside your House on carts.

It creates a space for rest. Get a temporary bed with feather pillows covered with brightly colored silks and place it under a tree to give you a comfortable retreat. Or hang a hammock between two trees low enough to reach the tray with your cool drink and your favorite book.

Pays tribute to the water. If you can not give you the luxury of having a pool, try a large tub (old ones have a very elegant appearance). Fill it with water and immerse yourself. You must empty it after each use to not attract mosquitoes.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Prefabricated steel buildings are affordable and customizable structures that can be used in a number of ways. The advantages of choosing to build a prefabricated steel building include a number of common concerns when performing a construction project, including the time and budget constraints.

Advantages of prefabricated steel buildings
The advantages presented by prefabricated steel buildings make these structures more affordable and easy to install and maintain. Prefabricated steel buildings are ideal for storage, work and even space to live.

Steel is a lightweight and flexible metal which is inherently strong. These physical characteristics represent durability long-term of prefabricated steel buildings. Adverse weather conditions, such as strong rains and fierce winds will not damage or deface the building. Unlike wooden buildings, steel is not susceptible to mold, pests, or fire damage. The advantage of the durability of a steel building is that the inner space of the property will be safe from the atmospheric elements, and the building itself will remain functional for an indefinite period of time.

Roof Coatings Protect and Reflect

Roof Coatings Protect and Reflect

As we know that we can find a painting for every need, we assume that the ceiling is not outside of this phrase. They can be only materials that provide color, or more than that. We know the different paints for roofing shingles, metal or faience and its characteristics.

Athermic paintings
Its main function is to protect the inside of the heat caused by the incidence of solar rays on the roof. They are usually white and have reflective components that repel the rays that produce the increase in temperature.

A.4 paintings
Waterproof bundles are made in acrylic fibers embedded in water-based formulated based on polymer solution. This composition turns the coated surface is waterproof, with a layer of high resistance to climatic factors and high elasticity, supporting the traction or movement by the temperature change of the structures.

It is applied on roofs where you look for its waterproofing and also the reflection of the Sun’s rays.

Paint tar or asphalt
Perhaps bituminous paints were one of the first coatings for roofs that were used to protect and waterproof it. They are formulated based on asphalt solutions that prevent corrosion and the water surfaces metal or masonry.



Plumbing problems are a drag. One of the reasons people hate these problems so much is that sometimes it is difficult to know if it’s something that can be fixed on your own or if you will need to call a plumber commercial to go home for the problem. There is definitely a line there. Sometimes it would be an exaggeration to get in contact with a commercial plumbing contractor to fix the problem, but sometimes it is absolutely essential.

A common problem that sends people to the yellow pages for the nearest plumber is a clogged toilet. This could actually be the biggest problem that can have in your home. Think for a moment about the implications of not having a toilet that works at home. In the majority of cases, the use of a good plunger can solve the problem. This is true if it’s a huge WAD of toilet paper or if it was waste, creating obstruction. If that doesn’t work, you can get a snake from the hardware store. Sometimes, if you can reach the obstruction and drill a hole in it with the snake, the blockage will dissolve. However, if none of these methods is the success for you, it is a good idea to get in contact with a licensed plumber. In this case, it most likely is a strange object of some sort that are thrown down the toilet and is stuck in a pipe. A professional plumber has best tools available, and will be in a better position to reach the obstruction. This applies to an obstruction in any other sink also. You can try a plunger for the takeoff of obstruction. If that doesn’t work, try a snake. If that doesn’t work, call a professional.

Spring Decorating Ideas & Design Trends

Spring Decorating Ideas & Design Trends

This season will bring above all silver, metallic finishes and bronzes. Its applications are many: from lamps to bedside tables or shelves, going through all kinds of accessories. Increasingly, metallic objects that can decorate our home. Copper lamps are trend and create very interesting environments: from more rounded to styles more industrial and geometric lines. Copper is sustainable, durable and resistant. In addition its color stands out with its own personality and is incorporated in any room with warmth and originality.


And says it, which every year publishes a comprehensive study predicts where the colors to be more used in all fields of design. Definitely this season will be very relaxed colors, colors that are committed to stability and calm, in contrast to the vibrant colors related to technology. So to disconnect the virtual world also in decoration will be colors such as pink quartz and blue serenity.


Geometric patterns strong this season and come to stay. An influence that we inherited from the 60s but it can adapt perfectly to modern and even minimalist styles. In this sense, the hydraulic mosaic is most popular ever, combining perfectly with woods and open spaces.

Easy Ways to Renew Your Bathroom Without Remodeling

Easy Ways to Renew Your Bathroom Without Remodeling

Change sanitary ware, furniture or coverings may mean the disbursement of a lot of money. However, to give a new look to the bathroom does not have why assume invest a fortune, just need to know some tricks that will help to renovate this space of the House, whatever the budget.


When it comes to reforming the bathroom, an aspect to take into account are the coatings. These represent an important point in the image of this room, so if you want to give a new look, you can start to change the material or color of walls, ceilings and floors.

If there is not money for that, a feasible and cheaper alternative can be painted floors, walls and ceilings. Acrylic paint is usually the best ally in these cases. Another option is paper vinyl for walls and floors, which mimics a multitude of textures like ceramics or the Park. Finally, it is also dry ceramics, more economical and easy to install than the traditional, or, in the case of walls, special bathroom wallpaper.

The health

Give a new look to this room is very easy if you have enough budget to replace toilets with other more modern, such as basins and toilets flown, which take up less space visually, and are easier to clean.

Replace the classic bathtub with a shower tray also serves to give a fresher image and gain comfort and security. In this sense, the bathtub or shower curtains can be changed by a modern and practical glass partition.

If you don’t want to, or there is no money to change the health, always you can choose to replace items such as faucets: shower, bathtub, bidet or sink faucets. Just choose some that differ with the current and adhere to the style that you want to give to the stay.

Children Bedroom Decoration That Are Always Sorted

In this article, we will see how to make toys, duties and creations to coexist in the same space without losing the order or fun. Appropriate storage systems and the way in which you present it is, are the formula ideal for keeping things on your website is not something impossible.

How to order a children’s room
The rooms of the children can be transformed into small jungles, luckily there are lots of storage opportunities that allow us to make the most of the spaces. So you will get that the only thing that does not have a hole in your room is the disorder!

For children’s bedrooms decorating ideas
Flexible and extra storage for kids

Ensure that the room of children is ranked is no easy task; between the mountains of toys, school, books and clothes, material can create a stir that finding something to become an adventure. And it is that, although we know that they can be great explorers, just give a home to the major objects of the disorder. So it will be much easier to reorganize it all and they understand that there is a place for all books, clothing and toys.

Each bedroom is different and we do not always have the same amount of space, so is best if you choose a system of flexible storage that fits the style of your bedroom and will allow you to expand it as adults are doing. Choose the structures and chests of drawers that most conform to their activities and let the disorder be ordered alone!

There is never any toys, there is less space. Why we must always count on some extra storage such as baskets, boxes, or crates of bed which organize toys. So we will have more spaces in which put all those new objects landing in your room.

Desks and children’s chest of drawers

Although they are small, it is good that they have a work space where he can relax, coloring quietly or read a story. You can place a table with a chairs so that they can also invite their friends and organize a unexpected afternoon of crafts.

When they become older, they will need a desk to the height of your needs and will a table for four to an environment in which to do their homework or study comfortably.This will allow them to organize your small personal studio space, emplacement of their books and notebooks and focus!

The mini chests of drawers are also a great choice when the desktop gets them small and order disappears between mountains of notebooks and papers. Comes a moment between the textbooks, flyers, letters and other papers can hardly work and the need for more space is growing as fast as them. In addition, these small storage systems will enable them to save some of their things more personal that don’t want them to be to view (and much less yours!), as the newspaper, the letter to the girl’s camp or a plus of baubles.

Japanese Style Bathroom Design

For some people, the bathroom is a room in a house that must be designed with a comfortable and beautiful, not infrequently also found a variety of interior design a bathroom that is unique and interesting Do you like the design of the bathroom interior comfortable, soothing, and it feels like relaxing spa? If so, maybe you love the Japanese style bathrooms are synonymous with calming atmosphere and create Zen.

As a Japanese-style garden design soothing Japanese-style bathrooms are also required to be designed with the impression that natural and simple. Bringing green elements in the bathroom could be the key that creates the impression of natural and natural in your bathroom. Examples such as bamboo or plants in small pots that can bring an element of the green without looking overdone and still create the feel of a clean and soothing.

The lighting is also becoming an important element in the interior of a Japanese-style bathroom. The light is too dazzling and daring elements that must be eliminated. Create a simple interior design, streaking straight, with minimal accents to create the impression of a quiet and clean. Existing color palette also remained in natural colors and neutral. Clean lines and straight, light and muted colors can create a Zen atmosphere which creates a feeling of peace and reassuring.


Certainly there in the bathroom nuanced Japan is a bathtub for bathing. Such as the spa, which aims to calm the mind and makes the feeling more relaxed, bathtub can help you achieve that goal. Do not need a large-sized bathtub, the important thing you can enjoy it and collect the positive energy. If possible, attach the music also to be more calm mind, but remember to put the speakers in a hidden place so it does not interfere with the natural atmosphere.


What is certain is found in the bathroom nuanced Japan is a place apart between the bathtub and the toilet. For hygienic reasons, then there is usually a limit partition between the toilet and the bathtub. Because Bathub used for bathing, not for self-cleaning, then usually made a separate place between the toilet and the shower and bathtub.


Besides other important elements in the bathroom nuanced Japan is a waterfall. If there is more room and allow it to be made, you can create a bathroom that opens on one side where there are waterfalls include the pool so there are shades of water flows as shown above. If not, you can also take a mini fountain decorations that can be easily obtained everywhere. The sound of running water, is believed to give the feel soothing and refreshing.